Important Places You Should Put Lights in Your Home

Important Places You Should Put Lights in Your Home

When you’re planning out your lighting for your home construction or renovation, there are lots of different lighting options that you can choose from. However, before you get overexcited by all of the statement lights you want to add, keep in mind that there are some essential lighting approaches that you need to take. Here are some important places you should put lights in your home.


First, make sure that you have lights along your staircases. This will help your staircases to be safe and easy to walk on throughout the day and night. There are many different ways to light your staircases. Depending on the layout of your house, can lights might be a little bit difficult to add. 

But if you can use can lights, they’ll add simple, even lighting to your staircase. For more of a dramatic touch, try adding a lantern light fixture along the staircase. You can even add motion sensor night lights at the foot level that will turn on when someone walks down the stairs at nighttime. 


Next, you should install lighting outside your house. This includes both your backyard and your front yard. In your backyard, make sure that your entertainment spaces are well-lit so you can enjoy the outdoors even after the sun has gone down. You can drape some hanging string lights around your deck for a magical touch. 

You can also install motion sensor lights around the corners of your house so the space is illuminated when someone walks by. Make sure that you add some lantern lighting to your house, as well as some ground lighting that will illuminate your front yard and pathway. Placing lights outside can increase curb appeal

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Finally, don’t forget your kitchen and bathrooms when you’re planning out your lighting. Your bathroom and kitchen are some of the most important spaces in your home when it comes to lighting. These are both areas where you want to make sure you have bright, well-lit spaces. This helps your space to feel cleaner, bigger, and more open. Adding can lights is a great way to evenly light your space. Then, add statement lighting such as sconces or pendants for a more aesthetic look. Make sure you choose the best lighting for your kitchen and bathroom.

So, as you’re updating your house with some new, carefully-planned lighting, remember these tips. Make sure that you have lighting by your staircases, outside your house, and in your kitchen and bathrooms. This will help your home to feel welcoming and beautiful while still being functional and purposeful.

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