How to Maximize Lighting in Your Home

How to Maximize Lighting in Your Home

Having a brighter home can make you feel happier, healthier, and overall more comfortable. You have options to make your home brighter, from larger renovation projects, to small changes that can make a difference. 

Install Bigger Windows

One of the best things you can do to maximize lighting in your home is to bring in more natural light. Larger windows is one way to achieve this. If you have two separate windows in a room, consider combining them and the space between them to create one large picture window. Creating a larger window in the bedroom is a great option as the natural sunlight will help you get up in the morning. If you lack windows in a bathroom but have the opportunity to add one, try adding one in or above the shower with frosted glass for privacy. You may need to reroute electrical or plumbing lines to do this, so make sure to have a professional come look.

Use Glass and Mirrors

Using more glass and mirrors can make the rooms in your home feel bigger, and help maximize light. If you place a mirror near a window, the mirror will reflect the natural, indirect light from the outside into the rooms in your homes. Bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are great rooms for mirrors to help brighten up and add a bit of decor. Adding glass in rooms in your home can also achieve this goal. In the bathroom, for example, glass doors allow light to flow through your shower. 

Redesign Your Lighting

Good lighting helps set the mood for your home and is a crucial design element. In your dining room, you may want to replace an outdated chandelier with a more contemporary light fixture that still makes a statement. When you are looking to replace any light fixture, think about the size of the room and try to pick a fixture that fits in well. In the kitchen, more than one fixture may be used to maximize light in the space where you need it to cook. Pendant lights can add a touch of drama over a breakfast bar

A brighter home is one that is easier to wake up in when the sun first rises. As a few last words of advice, keep the exterior of your windows and glass doors clean so that natural light can actually filter through. Really, the tips and tricks are endless, so there’s hope even for the dimmest cave of a house to transform into a bright and cheery place!

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