Leroux Shadow Box

Probe the depths of your subconscious mind with our handcrafted Leroux Collection Decorative Shadow box: An illusory and labyrinthine gridiron of recurrent Antique Silver and White flaps, the Leroux is an ongoing contemplation of the multi-dimensional interplay of light and space. Ideal for a witty office or residential corridor. Or place it above a console paired with a blue orchid and a treatise on Architectural Deconstructivism.
Product Specifications:
A designer tip to help ensure you are happy with the size of your wall art selection is to outline the outer dimensions with painters tape on the mounting area to determine if the dimensions are visually suitable. When mounting wall art, the bottom of the frame should typically be about 6 to 12 inches above the top of of your sofa or console. For mounting above a fireplace, select a width that is larger than your fireplace opening but smaller than the width of your mantel.             
Dimension (d x w x h): 2" x 35" x 35"
Weight: 21.3 lbs
Color: Silver Antique Silver
Carton dimension (l x w x h): 40 x 6.9 x 40
Carton weight: 24.2
Product Spec/Instruction Sheet: