Ansonia Floor Mirror

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Broadway's Ansonia building was once the grandest hotel in Manhattan. And Beneath its many elegant balconies and leering satyrs are the exquisite street-level windows that served as inspiration for our Ansonia Grand Arched Floor Mirror. Solid Mahogany latticework crafted with a multilayered finish stacks up high to a pair of graceful Baroque enroulements. These are then crowned by a classic ocular design that radiates undulating glazing bars across the reflective surface. Place an Ansonian at the end of a grand hallway and turn it into a truly noble space.
Product Specifications:
  Hangs Vertically          
Dimension (d x w x h): 2" x 42" x 90"
Weight: 68 lbs
Material: Glass, Wood
Color: Gray Dark Grey
Carton dimension (l x w x h): 45 x 5 x 94
Carton weight: 137
Product Spec/Instruction Sheet: