Vivo Coral Texture Vessel In Warm White Wash

Perfect in White Wash but absolutely resplendent in Hot Gold, Gloss White, or Emerald, our Coral Texture Vessels are the perfect anchor for any glamorous habitat. Each piece's charmingly irregular divots suggest the organic symmetry of deep sea coral, while their uncanny scalloped mouths imitate those of giant bivalvia. Try the White Washed version on a rustic table next to a great big potted palm. Light-weight fiberglass construction.
Product Specifications
Dimension (l x w x h): 15.8" x 15.8" x 11.5"
Weight: 12.6 lbs
Bulb: N/A
Material: Fiber Glass
Color: Warm Whitewash
Carton dimension (l x w x h): 18 x 18 x 14.3
Carton weight: 16.1
Prop 65 Information: Click Here